Kids Hair Salon


In La Geganteta Kids Hair Salon we are dad Francesc (Illustrator) and mom Natalia (Fashion Designer) of our wonderful Geganteta Estel (perfect daughter ♥)

The creation of this project rises from our daily relationship and parental free play.  Space where children have rights as customers and listening to their needs is so easy as to continue playing.  An interactive learning is our offer: kids and adults feeding each other to build a better world.

It’s not just a Kids Hair Salon. It is a creative space where our clients have a special leading voice. So then, just play it!


Afro Peluqueria Infantil La Geganteta

AFRO Hair Specialist

el Gegantet de la Setmana

GEGANTETS of the week

El Principito Petit Princep Disfraces Peluqueria Infantil La Geganteta

Tailored  Costumes